Bohemian fashion diaries

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There is something so liberating about frolicking around in a ruffled skirt, oversized top accessorized beautifully with flowers in your hair and ethnic chunky statement jewellery .Just the plain thought of bohemian attire transports you into green luscious valleys and mountains or anyplace you find to be soothing and serene.


One of the major reasons why bohemian fashion is loved and adopted by so many, is its capability to make you feel free and completely liberated. Loose clothing so that your body can breathe, mix and match anything with everything ,bohemian fashion has very limited set rules ,the ethnic elements connect you to your roots and the flowers, leaves and feathers just add the perfect touch and help you become one with nature.

Bohemian fashion is a big hit amongst celebrities as Mary Kate Olsen says “In the concrete jungle, this is my way of being free”.


Over the years bohemian fashion has evolved and not just restricted itself into a way of being, it’s a major fashion statement which looks best when combined with other styles. To be completely dressed in bohemian fashion is very tempting, but you can’t walk into a work meeting wearing a sundress and flower headband, in which case permutation and combination of various styles works the best. You can rock your classic black LBD with a crystal headgear, or carry a beautiful boho bag with your plain pant suite at work. Not only will you look extremely fashionable that touch of free spirt in you will definitely make heads turn.


To get the optimal blend and become absolutely boho chic one must stock up on gorgeous boho accessories. Get your hands on your grandma’s chunky silver jewellery and combine it with your own for the perfect fusion.

Luckily for you we have the perfect range of bohemian bags that can be paired with both ethnic and western attires and are oh so beautiful!

This gorgeous sling bag in tan can be paired with absolutely anything! Perfect for a day out with your girlfriends.

The fringes on this bag compliment the bohemian feel beautifully, this trendy piece would look amazing with everything from a simple pair of jeans for a casual date to a sundress for that concert you have to attend this weekend!

Add this clutch pouch to a long dress and a long pendant to compliment it perfectly for parties or.

This beautiful piece can add colour to the dullest of outfits, will look stunning with ethic wear, dresses, jeans and even when you’re on vacation. That Goa trip you had been planning with your girlfriends? Imagine walking into a club carrying this with a long black sundress and your hair in a braided bun! You will make heads turn.

So go ahead an embrace the Bohemian fashionista in you!


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